Tesco Cooking Project

We are partnered with Tesco!

Tesco every week since the community fridge has been open has been providing us with numerous bags of wasted food that we have then been able to hand out to the public. They have been around since day 1 and have helped create the fridge that we all know and love.

After the successful running of the fridge we decided to participate in the Tesco community cookery school to help and assist our community with cookery skills.

They provided us with resources that enabled us to show others how to make nutritious, healthy and cost effective meals all at home. we have since made a ton of informative leaflets that contain all the information on the meals.

We also had an initiative with Tesco that is now over… If you made a purchase of any value at Tesco you could’ve used a Blue token to vote for us at the end of the checkout. (No longer ongoing).

Any support is appreciated and we are grateful for it, most of all we’re proud to be apart of such a lovely community and our little town.

Thanks for your time.

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