Food waste action 2021

By March 10, 2022Events, News

Food waste is a huge problem so here at AVS we’re all about saving what we can save when we can and giving it back to the community. We try our best to give back as much as possible but we can’t always do that because of the limitations of food itself. as we know food is perishable and it’s important to understand what food is good and what food is bad.

Knowing this simple difference cause save you a lot of hassle in the future and now. To be able to tell whether food is good or not through inspection is a very valuable skill in itself.

Portion planning is a good way to save money by planning your meals out, you can calculate how much your gonna spend on the food you’ll need.

Food waste feeds climate change:

We are trying our best to help improve the world in any way that we can and we hope you feel the same. By improving our lives at home we also improve the world too. By throwing away less waste we simply waste less. Buying what you need and not over buying is a good way to save money and the environment at the same time.

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