Eat And Energise cooking project 2021

Eat and energise is a community cook-a-long that has limited spaces. the dates are as follows:

24th June, 22nd July and the 19th august, these are the starting dates but each slot runs for 3 weeks.

If you would like to secure your place then call 07458385990 or email to get in contact with us so we can add you to the course.

The 3 week programme is designed to get you cooking, chatting and learning all in one room. Learning is always better when it’s fun!

We hope to see you there.

How much electricity are you using?

Everyone wants to know how to save money whatever way possible. Some electrical items use a lot of electricity whilst others don’t. appliances that produce heat, refrigeration or moving parts tend to use more energy than appliances that use light or sound.

Here is an image of different appliances using different amounts of energy.

Sometimes a higher wattage appliance will use less power overall simply because it is better designed and does it jobs quicker. For example an efficient dish washer (power rating 2kw) the same of higher than a non efficient one. what makes it energy efficient is that it completes it cycle faster thus using less power to use the appliance.

Below is a energy comparison chart for you to look at if you so please it shows a good amount of data that is interesting to know:

We hope this helps others get a grasps on their energy usage.

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