About Selby Big Local

Big Local is a 10-year, Big Lottery funded programme supported by Local Trust.

Our Background

Selby is one of 150 areas nationally awarded £1 million to spend on activity identified by the local community.

Big Local puts the local community, and most importantly residents, firmly in the driving seat allowing them to identify local needs, take action and make a lasting, positive difference.

Big Local came to Selby in 2014 when an outreach worker began engaging with local residents and a local steering group was formed. Following a period of community research and local events, the Partnership was formed in 2016 when it published its first two year Community Plan.

Selby Big Local published our 2020-21 Community Action Plan in April 2020. This outlines our priorities, themes, activities and ideas for the next 18 months and identifies the following priority areas for its work:

  • Developing ‘Our Space’ – 58 Flaxley Road – Selby Big Local is creating a much-needed community space in the heart of the Big Local area.
  • Empowering residents to take the lead – we know that residents often have the answers to address the issues that are important to our local community. We have trust in our local community and want to support residents to run their own projects and set up groups that help local people take a lead.
  • Bringing People Together – community involvement and participation are a big priority for Selby Big Local. Whether it’s a one-off community event or a regular social group, we want to find new ways of bringing our community together

Our key themes are:

  • Tackling social isolation
  • Improving health and wellbeing
  • Creating new opportunities for change

The Selby Big Local Area

The Big Local Selby area encompasses three distinct areas.

The area includes the largely residential areas of Flaxley Road estate to the north and Abbots Road estate to the south.

It also includes the town centre of Selby.

How we work

Selby Big Local is all about delivering in partnership, making the best of local knowledge, skills, ambition and enthusiasm to make Selby an even better place to live.

Selby Big Local is supported by its Local Trusted Organisation, Selby District AVS, who employs our workers to support the Selby Big Local Partnership.

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“With a lottery budget of £1million Selby Big Local will seek to make a lasting and positive difference to our local community. We will bring together all the talent, ambitions, skills and energy from individuals, groups and organisations who want to make our area an even better place to live.”

Meet the Partnership

The Selby Big Local Partnership is a group of local residents and representatives from local organisations, including the Town, District and County Councils. The Partnership is responsible for deciding how the Big Local money is spent and delivering their Community Plan. Big Local relies on the hard work of volunteers, but it’s rewarding! Come and have your say, we’re always looking for more people to join us!

Kevin Riley

“Big Local is all about making good things happen.”

Melanie Davis
Selby Town Council

“Big Local offers an amazing opportunity for real change BUT engagement of residents is key to keeping it relevant and ensure it delivers.”

Richard Cooke

“What I like most about being involved in Big Local… Not doing it on our own or on a shoe-string, but having loads of great help: people to guide us; a team to help make things happen, and a great bunch of people to have a laugh with while getting things done.”

Anne Riley

“Big Local means helping people to help themselves and making things happen in their community”

Angela Crossland
Selby District Council

“Big Local is a real opportunity for people not only to have their say, but to shape and own their community’s future. You can learn new skills and really make a difference. On a personal level, I was born on to the Abbot’s Road estate and grew up on the Flaxley Road estate, so making positive changes in these areas is close to my heart.”

Tom Jenkinson
North Yorkshire County Council

“To me, Big Local is about supporting people to make the changes they want in their community”

Chris Hailey Norris
Chief Officer, Selby District AVS (our Local Trusted Organisation)

“The Big Local is an amazing opportunity for residents to play an active role in creating an exciting future for themselves and their community.”

Dani Penney
Selby Wellbeing Manager – Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles

“IHL and Big Local have a great opportunity to work together for the good of the community – I would love to make a real difference in reducing health inequalities in the area and Big Local is a great place to start!”

Charlotte Thiell

“I got involved with Selby Big Local because I liked the idea of being active in my local community and having a say in how the Big Local money is spent to benefit the people of Selby.”

Tony Walker

“Big local for me is about enabling our community to have a say on what is important to them. Funds available can support initiatives to bring about social inclusion and a strong feeling of togetherness.”

Robin Belder
Resident, Co-Chair

“Selby Big Local is about supporting us as a community to have a voice and to make positive things happen on our estates that will benefit our family, friends, and neighbours.”

Joanne Scott
Resident, Co-Chair

“Big Local is like being part of a big team working together to make improvements to benefit the local community.”

Keith Watkins

Myles Labhaya

Gail Errity

Candace Sutton

Tracy Wilson

Work with us!

As well as becoming a member of the Partnership or volunteering, there are a number of ways that Selby Big Local works with other organisations:

      • Co-working

        Selby Big Local works in partnership with existing organisations to address the priorities in our plan

      • Co-creating

        Selby Big Local works with other people and organisations to jointly create a project to meet a shared priority

      • Bidding

        Individuals and local organisations can play to Selby Big Local’s grant schemes to deliver activities that contribute towards our vision and priorities

      • Commissioning

        Selby Big Local commissions organisations to deliver a project or service tailored to our area.

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Key Documents

These documents will help inform the Big Local plan for how the £1 million will be spent over the next ten years.

Annual Report 2018 – 2019

Community Action Plan 2018-20 Full Document

Community Action Plan 2018-20 Summary

Annual Report 2017 – 2018

Annual Report 2016 – 2017

Community Action Plan 2015

Mission Statement & Vision 2015

Community Research Report 2015

Community Profile 2015

Project Worker Listening Report 2014

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